The Players

I’d like to introduce you to some recurring characters in my Life Drama:

(Clarification: Photos do not reflect current age but were chosen to reflect the essence of  personalities.)

Principessa 001Principessa:  My first born.  The one who christened my motherhood.  She is a gorgeous specimen inside and out and wise beyond her years.  Principessa is my muse and teacher and patience-tester.  Her nickname means Princess in Italian.  Prinicipessa sounds so much less negative than Princess, doesn’t it?  But princess she is, in all the good ways.

Beagle 001 (2)Beagle:  My only son, my Middle Man.  Beagle is mini-me, partially due to genetic resemblence, but also because of a sensitive nature (don’t tell him I said that), and an appreciation for sarcasm and off-beat humor.  Beagle flies under the radar but when he surfaces he’ll surprise you with side-splitting humor and profound revelations.

Peach 001Peach: My sweet baby.  The one who saved my soul after a loss and continues to rescue me on a daily basis.  Peach spreads her personal brand of magic in the world wherever she travels.  Her trademark sweetness and generous spirit are scrumptious.  Everyone should have a Peach in their lives.

timHusband:  Husband doesn’t need an alias, he is quite comfortable with himself and unafraid of what may be revealed about him on this blog.  But since he never uses any person’s real name, opting instead for a nickname of his choosing, husband doesn’t get a real name here either.    Husband is the rule-breaker to my rule-follower.  The practicality to my idealism.  In short, husband’s black and white view of the world helps me to see in full color.

friendFriend: What can I say? She is the one who supports me like a beloved sister, comforts me like a mother, and commiserates with me as a fellow  soul trying to do her best in this world.  We have a refreshingly agenda-free relationship.  She’s a keeper.

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