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Tween You and Me

There’s no shortage of pre-adolescent experiences that challenge self-esteem and shake confidence.   The good news: the tween years are a time during which parents can protect and strengthen a girl’s sense of self because tweens are highly receptive to positive input.

Parenting consciously through tweenhood can cushion the impact of teenhood.  Follow the Tween You and Me blog or purchase the Tween You and Me book for information and support as you guide your tween toward her highest vision of herself.

Year Of Thank Yous

Year of Thank Yous is a year-long project that promotes gratitude as a way of being in the world.  The idea of viewing everything as a gift sheds positive light on life.  It helps us focus on what is, and make the most of our present reality.  When we use the power of gratitude, we work with life rather than against it.

Join me in a Year of Thank Yous and find out how two words can change a life.

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